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Are you a juggler?
Do you want an easy to remember email or website address?
Do you want this all for FREE?
Juggler.Net addresses are easy for your friends to remember, your address doesn't have to change, even if you change internet providers! It's great for business cards, and best of all it's 100% free!
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[Free Email Diversion]
Sign up here for your free "your_name@juggler.net" email diversion package!

It's easy and it's free! Why not join the hundreds of jugglers already using it!
* [Free Web Diversion]
Sign up here for your free "www.juggler.net/your_site" web diversion package!

Give your clients an easy to remember website address, without all the hassle of buying a domain name!
* [Paid For Services]
Currently we don't offer any extra services, but we hope to be able to offer the following in the future:

- POP3 email access
- Web hosting
- Hats, mugs and T-shirts

...and many other truly wonderful things! Stay tuned for updates!
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Juggler.Net was the brainchild of Patrick Clyne but is currently being run by a group of rather lovely volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your services, or donate money toward the costs of hosting the service then please get in touch!
The Juggling Edge has loads of useful information for jugglers of all abilities, including club and event listings to help you find jugglers in your area.
JuggleHub and the ##juggling IRC channel are worth checking out as well.