.:: Email Diversion ::.
[Free Email Diversion] We can provide you with a email free "your_name@juggler.net" address which redirects all email to your existing account.

To sign up for your free email diversion package, simply send an email to forwarding@juggler.net telling us what you would like your Juggler.Net email address to be (eg your_name@juggler.net) your name, and the email address you want your email forwarded to. - Easy!

If you want to cancel, or change your Juggler.Net details at any time, simply send an email to the above address and we'll make the change as soon as possible.

:: But what about Junk mail and viruses?
As juggler.net is a free service we don't currently provide any automatic filtering of junk email or 'spam', or computer viruses carried by email. We can suggest a few ways to protect yourself however:

:: Filtering spam email
To filter out spam in your email client, you can try: or point your juggler.net address to a Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail mailbox or similar that provides free spam and virus filtering.

:: Protecting yourself from viruses
If you haven't already got up to date anti-virus protection, you should install some as soon as possible! There are a large number of anti-virus packages available, but the following are some of the more common ones. Many anti-virus products will only be licenced to receive updates for a specified amount of time. If you have anti-virus software installed, check it regularly to make sure it is still keeping itself up to date.

:: Preventing spam in the first place
Prevention is better than cure, and if you follow the following advice, you'll reduce the number of spammers that have your email address.
  • Don't put your email address as a clickable link on a web page, in fact don't put it as text at all, but as a picture or graphic. For more ways to hide your email address, see http://www.metaprog.com/samples/encoder.htm
  • Don't put your email address in newsgroup postings (i.e. Google Groups or the IJDB rec.juggling gateway) without modifying it - for example you could use me_REMOVE_THIS_BIT@juggler.net instead
  • Don't ever reply to spam, or try and remove yourself from the mailing list using the link they send you in the spam email - it only confirms that your email address is active
Juggler.Net was the brainchild of Patrick Clyne but is currently being run by a group of rather lovely volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your services, or donate money toward the costs of hosting the service then please get in touch!
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